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At Logic Systems Sound & Lighting, we firmly believe that without our crew, we're nothing but a warehouse full of rental gear.  We also believe that the greatest resource we can offer our clients is our team's experience and dedication, which shines through on every project we undertake.  


Our team is the heart & soul of what we do every day. We're a team that doesn't back down when things become challenging; we're a team that enjoys tackling the complicated and the unusual.


We pride ourselves in retaining a crew base of some of the most passionate, dedicated creative professionals in the industry, and as such, Logic Systems specializes in pairing our experienced engineering staff with discerning clientele to achieve consistent success.  We're proud to say we've got some of the best audio engineers, lighting designers, and video technicians in the business, and we think the quality of their work speaks for itself.  


Logic Systems also welcomes interns in our lighting, video, and audio departments, year-round.  Are you an exceptional college student looking for an internship?  Get in touch with us.

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